Basic Ropes Course

We have retired ye ol' Histree from the course a while ago now, but she still stands tall until July 4th, 2010...
then...                    now....
Histree b4  
We are leaving these pictures of people having fun in her up for nostalgia, there are many signatures up there on the platform, please enjoy!
And for more info on our ropes activitrees, we thank you to please now see Ziplines page. <wink!>

There are only two ways to get to the Histree Treehouse. Both ways require a climbing harness. Be assured that you must be hooked in a harness and secure at all times you are hanging out on our ropes.
Michael still owns the place and wants to keep it that way.

The easiest way is to climb the ropes is using mechanical ascenders. We require that you to try this way first. It takes some strength and more coordination than some can handle. Young kids are usually strong enough but not coordinated enough. Older adults are usually coordinated enough but not necessarily strong enough. Naturally, strength to body weight can be a big factor no matter your age.

You can always rest on the way up....

It takes between 5 and 15 minutes to climb to the top for most treemusketeers. If you make it to the top on your own power you get to sign the treehouse.

Then there's the zip...
The scariest thing about the zip line is going over the edge.
From there it's a hoot!

If you don't want to do the zip? You can rappel back down from there fully belayed for safety.

Otherwise a Tarzan call or some other appropriate holler and away you go!

Believe it or not she will make it through the trees.

Once on the other side of the zip, we show how to rappel from there, or you can walk down via the mountain view treeway.

and down you go -

If you are successful at all this then you can then try "the face". This is an advanced climb on an old oak tree without many limbs to hang on. People fall all the time (safely roped). You are not allowed to try this unless you are there with an instructor and the safety belay is on.

Or as alternative, for a little more money now there is the new Giant Zip!
Definitely not as much work as climbing "the face", and much more fun...
It's a 650ft long cable you can easily climb 45ft up an old fir tree to, and then drop about 60ft while zipping along the cable from the top of our meadow across and down to the bottom. There's more zips up now too, please ask about package prices.
What a ride!! (take a look)

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