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Welcome to the
Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort LLC
Treehouse Institute of Takilma

$$Perch Price List$$
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Our Treesort is open all year!
Prices on this page are applicable to making reservations for the 'high' season, being June 17th to Sept. 1st 2013, call us or check
by clicking HERE for off season rates and a printable list of pricing available for all seasons, we do offer discounts for multiple night off season stays.

Sorry we have NO online bookings, you must talk to us on the phone.
We started taking reservations for 2013 on July 7th 2012, expect similar timing every year as some dates and units book up really fast.
Prices stated below include full breakfast every morning, with bedding and towels for all our perch's- those without full plumbing in their roost can use our Central Amenitrees (<-click to see the kitchen and fridge, cooking, cleaning, and most important full shower and bathroom facilitrees). There is a good selection of stores, food and eating establishments about 10 miles away from us in Cave Junction for things we don't provide, you may have forgotten to bring along, or discover a need for after you arrive.

Starting Memorial Day weekend all the way through and including Labor Day weekend, we have a two and three night block minimum stays policy, which are Monday - Tuesday, Wednesday - Thursday, then weekends equaling Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Other than Labor Day weekend, September consists of two night stays except when isolated single nights are available. We require full payment on single night stays and a 50% treeposit on multi-night visits, a credit card is required to hold your treeservation. You may also pay by check or money order within two weeks of making your arrangement over the phone.
Check in is 3-5pm the day of your booking, but always feel free to come early and just hang out or enjoy any of our other activitrees whenever you get here. Occupancy is not allowed before our tree fairies get in to clean your perch (so please don't expect to be able to occupy it until AFTER 3pm on the day of your arrival).
If you can NOT get here by 5pm on the day of your treeservation,
you must please call us before 4:30pm on that day so we can check you in over the phone, plus give you any last minute instructions if necessary.
No Pets Please!
We can refer you to our friend's kennel if need be. Please provide an accurate certificate for ALL service animals!
Out'n'About is an veritable treehouse wonderland!
We want you to please understand that although we do everything in our power to insure safety, there is an inherent risk associated with visiting a total of 16 different treehouses and a host of platforms and sky bridges (a few almost 40+ feet up the tree), some child size forts, seven swinging bridges (8' to 32' off the ground and 12' to 90' long), five swings plus the Giant Tarzan, 20 flights of stairs, four ladders, a bunch of horses and a gaggle of chickens, native rock lined swimming pool, uneven ground and an unbeatable collection of Zipline courses with over a mile of TreehouseZiplines. To help you understand this risk and remind you to use common sense, Out’n’About at behest of their Insurance Company require you to sign a release and assumption of risk agreement to stay here or do any of Our Activitrees.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Please read our Cancellation/Refund Policy
if you are thinking of a reservation!

You can make payable and send checks to :
Out'n'About Treesort LLC
300 Page Creek Rd.
Cave Junction, OR 97523

or simply call us on the phone and we can process your credit card right away:

Treesort Mapped!
Click here for Treesort Mapped!

Prices below are based on listed occupancies. Guests over the specified number of occupants per unit are an additional $20 per person per day during full season to cover the housekeeping and full breakfast we provide, call for winter rates over listed occupancy with only a continental breakfast available.
Our FULL breakfast in the main season can include (but is not limited to) generous helpings of coffee, juice, fruit, fresh waffles or homemade pastries, cereal, quiche, eggs scrambled or omelets... mmm, did we mention the tasty muffins? Not to mention the always available and generous portions of
Fantasy Flakes", suitable for children of all ages.
No pets please! (We can not say it enough)
EVENTS! We would like to let you know we also have plenty of open space on our 36 acres if all you wish to do is camp out in the trees or meadow during our events, you may also park a trailer or RV for small fee.. but these options are ONLY available during our SPECIAL EVENTS as we don't have enough bathrooms to run a campground along with the treehouses. We know ourselves as a B+B in the Trees!
We also want you to please understand that although we do everything in our power to insure safety for all at all times, as with so many other places there is an inherent risk associated with visiting our facility in the trees. Please use common sense and be careful!

Click here to check our climate!
Here for printable local map with directions.
Here for Printable Brochure (please consider the environment when printing)
Please call to ask for 2 person off season rates & single night stays!
(discounts for multiple nights available)
We do have an online Availability Calendar for reference only!

New in 2011! A no frills video walk about for many of our units, meaning rather rough cuts with bad sound track and or no narration. Provided with best intentions by our friend 'Treehouseguide' who posted them on YouTube, find his collection here: Treehouseguide

The SuiteThe Suite:
70 for up to 4 persons (fits more)
per night summer rate.
The Treeroom Schoolhouse Suite has a queen bed in the master bedroom, a double futon and a loft with two single pads up there adjacent to the main room, plus extra pads and floor space if needed. Equipped with kitchenette including refrigerator, micro-wave, coffee maker, and a dining table with chairs. There is also the deluxe full bath, featuring an antique claw-foot tub with shower. It is perhaps our most spacious and well suited for handling more than the listed occupants at $20 per extra person, has heat and cooling fan, open all year.
Look inside the Suite! Take the virtual tour!

Swiss Family Swiss Family:
$170 for up to 4 persons
(fits more)
per night summer rate.
Open as weather permits.
The Swiss Family Complex has a double bed in the upper two story adult unit, along with a child size single and rocking chair on the landing, large covered open deck below. 'The kids' unit, connected by a swinging bridge, has a bunk bed and a small table with chairs like the playhouse all kids want. The bathrooms are on the ground level 75 ft. away, but are complete with showers, sinks and toilets (see Central Amenitrees) . The Complex has heat and can usually be occupied March thru October. Look inside! Take the virtual tour!

Peacock Perch:
$130 for two
(room for more)
per night summer rate.
The Peacock Perch has a double bed and is designed for an intimate couple, but has a single so sleeps three quite comfortably. It has a refrigerator, hand washing sink and chamber pot. It is our third highest elevation treehouse that you may sleep in. The bathrooms are on the ground floor (50 ft. away) complete with showers, sinks and toilets (see Central Amenitrees) . It is heated and open all year.
Look inside Peacock Perch!

Take the virtual tour!

the CavalTree house Cavaltree:
$140 for up to 4 persons
(fits more)
per night summer rate.
The Cavaltree Fort is a two story treehouse, can sleep up to 7. The first floor has a double bed under the tented portion with an observation deck adjacent. The second floor is built like a lookout tower. It has a bunk bed and a single bed that can be moved over to the lower bunk bed to make a double bed. It includes a loft that will accommodate two kids easily. A swinging bridge joins the Cavaltree Fort to the entry stairs it shares with Treeloon. The bathrooms are on ground level (120 ft. away), with complete facilitrees (see Central Amenitrees).
Open as weather permits, usually May, but always June thru September.
Look inside Cavaltree!

Cavaltree TrrLoon bridgedCavaltree and Treeloon seen with common entry stair from ground level.
(click to see more detail)

Our TreeLoon!Treeloon:
$140 for two
(room for more)

per night summer rate.
What is the Treeloon? It is a treehouse that looks like an old west style Saloon in front, complete with swinging door in entryway. Sleeps up to 4 comfortably. Get into it from the swinging bridge that connects the Cavaltree to the Treeloon with a common to both stairway visible in this pic. Inside it has a Queen size bed which sleeps two, with a handy sink right there next to it. Up the interior ladder is a big loft split up with plenty of room for two kids . Central Amenitrees is approximately 120ft. away from the Treeloon.
Look inside Treeloon!

yurt pic!Yurtree:
$170 for up to 4 persons
(fits more)
per night summer rate.
Replacing the ol' Treepee- our Yurtree is an 18 ft. diameter yurt, up on a 20 foot platform in the trees! It sits on a large deck with room to spare, plenty of room to hang outside above the ground. Once you're inside it has generous windows, a queen size bed, bunk bed, two cots, a mini refrigerator and electricity there to greet you. Plus, the top of the yurt has a "bubble" skylight, an opening window to let in more fresh air on those extra hot summer days, or view the beautiful night sky. Bathroom for this perch is on the ground 120 ft. away, complete with showers, sinks and toilets (see Central Amenitrees), also kitchen access. It is open as weather permits, but always June thru September. Take a look inside!

our Cabin on the groundCabin:
$150 for two
(room for more)
per night summer rate.
The two story cozy rustic cabin situated on the ground has a queen bed upstairs, a cot and bedding downstairs. Designed for two, but sleeps four quite well. It also has it's own bathroom with shower besides the kitchenette. Pole frame construction is touched off nicely by the custom local rock work behind the Franklin fireplace stove. It features a commanding view of the large open meadow straight out your door, with stands of old-growth forest beyond. There is a treehouse shaped like a ship right outside that 2-3 kids can sleep in an open air experience during the summer months. The cabin also has electric heat and is open all year. Inside peek! Take the virtual tour!

serendipitree Serendipitree:
$120 for two
(sleeps more)
per night summer rate.
The Serendipitree took several years to figure out how to build so it could fit two adults and two small kids. The end product came out as a pleasant surprise. The loft is all bed, an actual twin size mattress. The downstairs has a seating area that makes into a bed that is as big as a queen on one side but not the other because of the custom shape (see inside). It has a fridge, is heated and open all year. The closest complete bathroom is about 100ft away in the main house.
Look inside!

Kids in treesTreezebo:
$240 for up to 4 persons
(sleeps more)
per night summer rate.
This gazebo in the trees is one of our farthest from the ground, not for an acrophobic! Take the Mountain View Treeway (see below) to get up there, a hoist is available to get your gear up. Sleeps five, sports a queen size bed, bunk and a single, with a toilet, sink, mini fridge, table and chairs. The 42 inch high walls are solid now, except for 3 canvass roll up windows. It is heated and open from March 1st to December 1st. Showers and cooking facilitree's are down below.
Enter Treezebo!

(click for more detail)
Forestree aproach
$240 for up to 4 persons (sleeps more)
per night summer rate.

This treehouse is 35 feet off the ground and like our Treezebo, not for the acrophobic! Use the Mountain View Treeway to get there, also available is a hoist for your gear so you don't have to carry it up. It has a queen size bed and bunk, plus a child size single, also a toilet, sink, refrigerator inside. The biggest difference from Treezeebo is the full solid walls and windows, it is heated and open all year. Showers are available down below. Look inside Forestree!

Our balcony in the treesBalcontree:
$160 for two,
$20 each extra person per night (sleeps 5 or more)
per night summer rate.
0 until June 17th!
Ask about availability-
This one is actually part of the upper floor of the main lodge, heated year round. Accessed from the Mountain View Treeway (described below and visible on the left) and inside lodge. It is fitted with a queen size bed and 'pyramid' bunk bed that is single on top and double on the bottom, plus plenty of floor space and pads available if needed. Private bathroom with shower, there is furniture, table and chairs, a little fridge, and of course it's namesake, the Balcontree. A true balcony in the trees.
Right outside the sliding glass door is your nice covered deck pictured here. Accessed by your exclusive treezebo like platform that offers outdoor sitting. Look inside Balcontree!
Introducing our Mastree Room in the main lodge!
(master bedroom of main lodge)Our Mastree Room!
$160 for 2 persons
(room for more!)
per night summer rate.
The Mastree Bedroom is a large room upstairs in the main lodge building attached to a treehouse. Colorful stained glass windows grace two ends of the room. It has beds for 4 or 5 being a king bed and a pyramid bunk. Amenities include a full bathroom with a shower, mini refrigerator and a private treezebo-type treehouse that offers an outdoor sitting area up in the tree with a loft for outdoor tree sleeping. The loft will accommodate up to three people and gives a view through a triangular window in the gabled roof. Access to the room is through the lodge or up an outdoor stairway to the treehouse and then across a bridge into the room front door (pictured at left).
Look inside!

Pleasantree house Pleasantree
$250 for full season
(for up to 4 persons, sleeps more)
per night summer rate
We have a mini fridge, hot water, toilet and shower up here, will sleep 2 adults and 2 children quite comfortably with a loft above and and bunk bed below (see inside), plenty of room for more small bodies in the crawl space loft, call for more info and availability now! (see below)


$120 per night for 2 person, $20 each additional
Fits 4 people if 2 are small children.

summer rate
Has a custom double bed, small child size bunks, small hand washing sink with hot water and a mini fridge. Toilet available at bottom of the entry staircase, see pics, full Facilitrees not far away! <More pics here>


    Announcing Majestree!

$300 per night for 4 persons, $20 each additional per night
summer rate
Our newest addition to the treehouse family,
available for reservation to stay since July '09~
Please call the office for details on availability or check our online reservation link near the top or bottom of this page.

Up to 6 people can stay quite comfortably, has full bathroom with toilet sink and shower, a queen size bed in main room, 2 double beds in the loft with an additional day bed, nice kitchenette and porch with a spiral staircase to the private deck below. This magnificent treehouse is 47 feet up a Douglas Fir with some extraordinary custom work in and out, access is by the Mountain View Treeway illustrated further down this page.
. <More pics here>

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Sat Link!
Check here for description and prices of our friends at Lilly Pad and Costa Rica Treehouse that have treehouses available booked through us.

NEW! The Virtual Tours (click here)
Will take you to a directory page of the virtual tours available, only 4 interior units for now, plus a few of outdoors around our place, please have a look!
mountain view treeway!
Ask about our new Giant Zip Line and other exciting or calm activitrees you can enjoy when you visit!
We do thank all who PLEASE phone ahead if planning a visit in order to participate in our activitrees so we have a treeservation of sorts to better welcome you-
Mountain View Treeway
Take the virtual tour!<click>
This high-rise walkway is the only way to the Treezebo & others, besides using a rope! Only registered guests will follow a spiral stairway to the first platform in one tree connected by a staircase to a second platform in another tree. A ladder to a third platform above it allows a walk on the 90' length suspension bridge high in the air. A fourth platform then connects to a 45' length suspension bridge and the Treezebo at the end. See a raw no frills video walk through by <clicking here>

PLEASE, No Pets!
Please provide an accurate certificate for ALL service animals. We can refer you to our friend's kennel if need be.
Many additional activitrees are available at various prices, some with no fees.
Horseback riding is $40 per person an hour (last minute ride cancellations subject to $25 fee per person), Rafting by referral only, but tree climbing with rappelling and the Ziplines are our most popular treesort participation activitrees the most readily available. The Basic Zips Course start at $45 per person with a ride on the new Giant Tarzan Swing thrown in for $15 more package deal, regular price $25 for up to two swings on the giant!
A package price for multiple giant swing and zip rides is happening if that's all you want to do, so please talk to us...
There are also a few crafts classes that have materials and instructor fee starting at $20 per person, subject to availability, see Treehouse Institute page for more info. There are many MANY free activitrees you can have, including swimming in our fresh river fed rock lined pool (reserved for our treeserved guests), with plenty of hiking and biking, plus, there is the inevitable asking questions about things. Michael is almost always available (but getting the answers you are looking for may be a whole other question <wink>).
will have an online Availability Calendar for reference only, coming Summer 2012.
all the Treesort Office for availability, USA telephone number again, please keep in mind time zone difference to Pacific Coast:

or you may simply click here to email the office if your browser supports it (if you use only web mail for emailing it might not work).
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Please be sure to read our Cancellation/Refund Policy if you plan to make a booking or visit, Thank You!

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