Pleasantree interior views

Aproach entry from the Mountain View Treeway


with roomy porch to sit around in

dutch door
dutch door

looking back the way you came...
walkway view

entering through door
bunk beds
past the bunk bed
fridge, sink, chair

sink outside bathroom with hot water
sink n ladder
toilet and shower room has privacy curtain!
full size shower (hard to get it all in photo)

bunk bed seen on floor level from bathroom
bunks n ladder
seen from loft
more same

just inside the door, looking up to the loft
look up tp loft

turn right just inside door and go up the ladder to loft
room for extra bedding at top of loft ladder
top of ladder

master bedrrom in loft

looking out the main window

view of main lodge from porch
views galore!

For a YouTube no frills video walk through if you are hungry for more, try <clicking here>

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