Application for Residential Treemusketeer Students

Legal name:________________________________________________________________


Current address:_____________________________________________________________

Fantasy address:_____________________________________________________________

(i.e.which tree perch will you be staying in?)

Date of arrival:______________________________________________________________

How old are you? ______ How old do you feel? ______ How old do you act? ______

Do you think a treehouse should require a building permit? ____ Yes ____ No

If yes, should it be held to the same standards as a house? ____ Yes ____ No

Have you studied Treeology before?______ If yes, when and where ____________________

Do you intend to challenge any courses? ______

Do you intend to conduct independent study? _______

What is your degree of interest? ________________________________________________

Do you have a purported purpose in attending the Treehouse Institute of Takilma? _________
(i.e. would you like to understand the techniques for building a tree-friendly treehouse?)

If no, which altreenative major(s) will you be pursuing?________________________________


Who should we call if you refuse to leaf after class? _________________ ph#______________