Welcome To The BIG Zip!
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We have a 38 second (or so) QuikTime format video available by clicking here!
or preview in the stills below if you like
We hope you enjoy the ride!

click for bigger pic!
(click the pic for better view)
We do however ask a weight limit minimum of 60 pounds, maximum 250, but have near to a mile of linear cable to ride on, and we're adding more all the time-
so check it out !
Plus the Giant Tarzan Swing!(links to a video clip of the swing)
(click these below for stills)
uh oh, what NOW?  peak of swing out!
  Hanging at the top,   then swung out the other end!

- Package deals available on request -

Zips for the very young, and the very young at heart!
kids zippin'!  test line
(click these for better view)

Qualify for the Poultree Run-
60 pound weight limit for this run can be less if physical ability is demonstrated.
Includes suiting up in harness and the training line where you are guided on how to hook up on the zip line, and then get back off (pictured below).
Learn to start, stop, turn in the harness and stay straight on the zip!
Then it's off to the trees...
On the Chicken Run-
climb a ladder 25 ft. up to the double decker platform where you zip 650 linear feet to the Round Robin, where you traverse over to the Big Zip Tree.
Then on from there down the BIG Zip, 650 linear feet, or repeat Poultree.
All for $25.00
platform reception

Challenge Course
60 pound weight minimum.
Same as Poultree run, plus climb 45 ft. up tree and another BIG Zip.
akillheels out run

(click for better view)

Advanced -
to 275 pounds weight limits.
(higher is possible because it's further off the ground, we'll see)

Walk up the hill across the meadow pictured below to get to Transition Tree and up to 30 ft. elevation, where you get on Akillheel's run for 500 linear feet to our 65 ft high platform. There take the British Air Ways 700 linear feet over to the platform at 50 ft. elevation.
Then take the Flying J 800 linear feet back to dismount on ground level.
akillheels run in
(click for better view)

Da Outback Advanced

Akillheels, Outback, LogansWay, Home run & rappel to ground
After which most are anxious to go for some Treepeets!
@ $5.00
a piece on any of the runs.
Ian and rider
(click for better view)

Don't miss the swinging hoot time on our Giant Tarzan Swing, 2 for $15.00!
(link is to a video clip of the ride)
and we believe we said it before, but it bears repeating-
ask for package deals!
we're happy to customize...

*We ask all guests who ride the zip lines to sign a release and pass a very basic ropes course, or else demonstrate commendable ability to our guides-
once approved, follows a little orientation as shown in stills below, where instructors first show how to get on to, and then back off of the line when the run is over.
below that is a gallery of stills you might enjoy to get a feel for the place...

dismounting proceedure first

and now presenting the approach-
the aproach
a short distance walk across the meadow uphill to the tree -

then there's the easy bit of tree climb up to the take off point for BIG Zip.....
zip tree climb

to get set and take off!
zip take off!

hold on young Phil, it's a screamer alright!!!
hold on phil!

Now a little gallery, here's our Tom zippin' along full speed-
go Tom!

but Ian is a cruiser -
zip Ian zip!

you may have your own style -

however you zip, the arc bottoms out right in this section (looks closer to the ground than it is from this angle)....
arc bottoms out

and then you go right back up off the ground to the safety stop, in no time!
safety stop!

and a short slide back down to dismount -
fancy dismount alright
Ian feels pretty good about it, was a GREAT ride!.....

Will you try? (video link)

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