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central hospitality
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Our central facilitree for guest kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and congeniality.
There's also a central fire pit with brick paving behind you from this view, great for sitting around roasting marshmallows, hot dogs and s'mores at night (we'll supply the sticks). Also for your use is the kitchen with a big fridge, dishes and utensils, pots'n'pans with provision for clean up provided. As well as the microwaves, range top, more gas and charcoal grills. There's the two big bathrooms with showers pictured below too-
central interior
(click for bigger version, uncropped stitched panorama)
We also offer use of the laundry facilitree for a small fee (off to the left in the background above), but the kitchen and barbeques etc. are all open to guests for no charge.
Below is opposite view looking out toward fire pit & Swiss Family treehouse...
central out view  outlook 2
(door closed, door open, click for bigger versions)

nice tiled shower stall in the bathroom behind you now~
main bath

then there's the outside accessed bathroom too-

outside accessed

Here is a raw no frills video walk through:

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Main Lodge
There is always plenty of hospitality in the main house folks, not to mention the office, it is also home to an additional bathroom with a shower/tub for guests, and then there is the main kitchen.
And oh that kitchen!
Where your delicious breakfast happens with the smell of fresh muffins baking in the morning.
Sorry we can't share that smell with you here!
but you can ask for recipe's...
main house kitchen

Here is another raw no frills video of the lodge for perusal:

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