- Cavaltree Interior -

Enter by up the shared stairway to Treeloon and turn right to face the crossing-
cavaltree approach
Two levels to occupy, access to upstairs is around the left when you are at the door, hidden above, shown farther below.

Enter the 'downstairs' for the 'master bedroom'.
master bed    cavaltree bed     bed stitched
There is your mini-fridge on the landing outside in the left shot above, the middle one is standing in the door looking in, the next is a composite of that view, the only way to take it all in one photo, hence the curvature.

For 'upstairs' go on up up the ladder outside -
ladder to upstairs    upstair loft
and then once inside, on up the ladder to the upstairs loft for the top most notch.

Actually climb over the bunk bed to get there, oh yes bunk beds and a single too -
bunks    single & bunks

plenty of room!

call the office to reserve: 541-592-2208

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