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All bedding, linens, sleepingbags, pillows and towels for your shower are provided. Towels for the pool are not provided. Check in time is between 3pm and 5pm. Check out time from the unit is before noon on your departure date. YOU MUST CALL THE OFFICE IF YOU ARE ARRIVING LATER THAN 5PM on the day of your reservation to make arrangements for check in. Early check outs must be taken care of by 5pm the day before you want to leave.

Treeservation Policy:

A 50% deposit with credit card through phone conversation secures multiple night treeservations, single night stays require a payment in full as deposit. If you send your check or money order by post, it must be received no more than ten days after treeservation is made over the phone. Reservations are only approved by the office to complete the transaction. You will be notified by email when your purchase goes through, please keep a copy for your records.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Treeservations canceled with more than 90 days notice will be assessed a $10 per unit night fee. Cancellations with a 31 to 90 day notice will be charged a $25 per unit night fee. If you cancel with less then a 30 day notice you are responsible for the full amount unless we can re-rent your treehouse, if we can re-rent it the fees are reduced to 25%.
Last minute horse ride cancellations are subject to $25 fee per person.
Last minute cancellation fee for zip lines is $45 per suit up, the full package price must be paid even if only one line of it is ridden.


Also must be said, though it seems obvious that sometimes it's dangerous to go too far out on a limb, and that a treehouse is not a legitimate "port in a storm", we will officially limit access during wind storms, heavy rain and snows, or at any other times deemed by us as unsafe. Safety being number one makes for a lot more fun.
It must be noted that use of our faclitrees can be inherently risky due to the unique nature of the experiences we offer. There for when you visit to stay in a treehouse or participate in any activitree, we ask you to sign a release of indemnity.

Risk Management:

Inherently we do as much as possible and look to improve making all of our treehouses, facilitrees and outside activitrees as safe as possible ALL the time. We continue to pass any rigorous inspection. So when you will stay or participate in any outrageously fun but possible risk of safety activitree with us, for mutual protection we ask you to sign our liability and safety agreement. Available in three different formats below:
Please find a format that works for you, open it and read it carefully. Print and sign it appropriately in advance if you like-
PDF format of our General Release, <please click here>
DOC format of our General Release, <please click here>
HTML format of General Release, <please click here>
NEW! Secure online e-sign form: <click HERE>

We do thank all who PLEASE call ahead if planning a visit or you want to participate in our other activitrees, we need a treeservation by phone to better welcome you!

please email webmaster if you have any trouble viewing this site or wish to comment and suggest, thank you!
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