Welcome to our Balcontree!

A perch with a balcony in the trees...
Actually in the upstairs part of the main lodge, which may be better suited for some people than staying up a tree.

Approach outside from the treeway, or from inside main lodge if necessary-

No worries, it's proven sturdy stuff!
This is the under side of your private deck on approach from the treeeway...

This is what it looks like standing on that deck, right this way to your door please...

On balcony looking back from sliding glass door to your private deck!

Interior view the queen bed to your left, the bunk beds are behind you, pic below~
queesn bed

bunk bed  
 balcontree bath
Nice attached batthroom! (click for better view)

Here is a no frills video walk through, try <clicking here>)

Call to reserve: 541-592-2208

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