Welcome to a closer look at the newest addition to our family of Treehouses.
We hope you enjoy it!
(most still shots you can click on for a bigger version)
Majestree from afar!

Majestree exterior aproach
a close up from far away..
broader view from ground, with the entry spans two tall fir trees:
    Majestree exterior up
Above shows the approach from Mountain Treeway to your base platform that gets you
to the spiral stair:spiral stair view that gets you to the door: door entry  

view from entry porch, door open to inside...
open door
This one below is a stitched together series of single shots panned from the bathroom doorway. The window in mid frame and a few other things do not match up very well, but wanted to use it anyway, shows the sweep your eye makes in the room the camera angle does not allow.

Main room pan shot

This is another stitched shot of bathroom interior, had to stand too close to get it all.
Bathroom stitched shot

the loft above has some outstanding native wood lattice work for a safety rail:
lost lattice detail

lost view 1  loft detail
ladder to loft stitch shot (a bit warped, rest assured, the ladder is not):
ladder to loft
once in the loft, two cozy beds and an oustanding view:
loft beds

click for a 2 minute 40 second video walk through,
save to computer for best result:
vid thumb
or try a youtube vid our friend uploaded: <click here>

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Majestree exterior down

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