Presenting Elementree

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Above is a view of the exterior from the ground up, below is the approach on stairs.

Elementree Exterior

Leading to a generous private porch...

Elementree Stair

Upon entry you find the bed, basin, and bunks, all quite cozy.

Elementree Interior A

There is plenty of leg room actually, having running water is grand.

Elementree Bed

The bunks are tight! but oh so cozy...

Bunk Bed
(this one warped a little when I stitched it together, but the top bunk is flat, I assure you. jefry)

The bright view from the bed, also the doorway to the stairs and outhouse below.

Door Out Panoram

It is just a few feet from the bottom of the stair, see it below left.

Elementree Outhouse

For a no frills video walk through, try <clicking here>

An easier access treehouse compared to some in our family, we hope you enjoy!

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