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Michael setting up weight testing, a long time ago. 

     Michael E. Garnier was born in Gary Indiana in 1948 and is one of eight siblings. He attended Michigan State where he studied engineering but dropped out after he was unable to continue wrestling. He was then drafted and became a Special Forces medic with the Green Berets where he served until 1972.

     Michael moved to Oregon in 1973 to be a Physician’s Assistant and helped open the Takilma Free Clinic. In 1975 he bought his property and eventually stopped working in medicine and started wood working.      

      Over the years he built pole furniture and Dr.Birch’s Yankee Doodle Picture Propellers until he built his first treehouse in 1990.

     Over the last 25 years he has been a pioneer in the treehouse world, innovating and designing the Garnier Limb which has enabled him (and countless others) to build treehouses all over the world. His latest endeavor, The Treehouse Guys, began in 2013 and continues today.Click here to visit the Tree House Guys page.

Treehouse pioneer, started building treehouses professionally in 1990. it took 8 years to get a building permit for this  treehouse. the first known building permit in the country.
 has more treehouse building permits than any other builder. Click here to view the stress analysis report.


Wondering how much weight will it hold?

             Our volunteers demonstrate for illustration...                       but this is the actual testing method, water barrels!

Michael Will Travel to Accommodate You »
Michael will go darn near anywhere to get your treehouse project 'off the ground'.  Michael brings his expertise and will either bring a crew or work with local crafts person's at your site.


Rocky Point Mexico 
Michael built this treehouse in Rocky Point, Mexico in 4 transplanted Palm trees. 
If Palms will grow in your area, Michael can build you a treehouse in 4 Palm trees.

Live Oak, Florida 
The treemendous undertaking to the right was built in 1998 at the 'Spirit of the Suwannee Amusement Park' in Live Oak, Florida. Set in five Red Oaks in the back and five transplanted Fan Palms out front.  This treehouse was built at a cost of  $50,000/1998 dollars. No project is considered too large or too small in Michael's business.
Michael's Histree 
He built this in 1997 when Jo. Co. Treestooges slapped a court order to cease and desist operations at the Treesort. This one is rather lofty, at 51 feet up the tree, it was built to give the entreepreneur a safe haven from Law Enforcement in the event that they might try to physically remove him from the premises. They would have to work for it. Histree was then used for guests as a ropes course, either with hand/toe holds or using traditional climbing/rappelling gear, and a zipline platform.
Sadly, despite all of our best efforts our biggest old oak has died, one of the biggest in the state, had to come down after such a long & storied histree.
Marked as a bearing tree in 1865, so in honor of our historic 20th anniversatree, why not do it with our friends? So we had a treemendous ceremonial tree felling at the 2010 annual 4th of July IntreepenDance Day Treeparty. It lives on in loving memory...
This is the Piratree Ship, which is a floating treehouse. You need three substantial trees to support this treeship.  20" diameter Fir trees ought to do it ok. This handsome Treeship can be shipped as a unit pre-assembled, or to your site as a kit with plans and hardware. You will need two trees 12' apart to mount the stern and another 20' distant for the bow to hang from. This one is especially great for the kids as it is quite interactive.

The Complex 
The Complex is like a couple of bungalows in the trees. One sized for the adults and the other, kid size. 

At $100.00 to $200.00 a sq. ft. this is a honey of a treat. No two treehouses are alike because of the nature we build them in, and Michael builds each one to the unique trees or stand of trees on your site.

Platforms & Bridges 
The platforms & bridges can be purchased with plans and hardware for assembly, or we can build them at your site. We need a tree at least 20" in diameter of the proper species. Fir, Oak, most hardwoods and some Pines. The bridge pictured left is 90' in length, using catenaries .


This is not advised for the common owner/builder unless you are a Contractor / Eng. versed in this type of construction methodology.  More info to follow on bridges directly from Michael, contact him. This type of platform can also be used to build a treehouse on.

Hangin' out 
When building treehouses you can get into situations where you are literally hangin' out there in thin air. Safety is a major concern when working at heights of 10' and above. One needs to have all the proper equipment and know how to use it to do these jobs safely and effectively, or just to have fun.

The Treeplex 
Here on the left, we have the Treeplex accommodations. The Treepee, Kid sized, is in the trees in the background connected to the Cavaltree via swinging bridge. This Teepee in the fore ground is a full size Teepee with electric outlet, or maybe you'd like a fire pit in the ground in the center of the floor. 


These are simple platforms with canvas structures. These are not considered  Permanent Structures and should never need a Building Permit. These units are fairly inexpensive to build. The smaller bridges (30'or less) are considerably easier to build than the larger full sized suspension bridges.

The Suite 
The ultimate in Treehouse living. To build one like this you need a small grove of trees, or one  'Big Daddy'. At 350 sq. ft. interior with a 250 sq. ft. deck, this is an ultimate retreat, with bath, kitchenette, bedroom and loft. Three room comfort. The Suite can be built at a cost of  $150.00 to $250.00 per sq. ft.

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Building Specifications and Stress Analysis Report