15th (if annual) World Treehouse Conference
not Columbus Day Weekend 2015-

it is Oct. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, with 'Pre' conference on the 1st (with welcome to hang around on the 5th, no 'post' conference scheduled, yet!)

Video tutorials from last 2014 conference available: part 1, part 2, part 3

Come for Pre-Conference Special on the 1st, stay tuned here for updates! (bottom of page)
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The WTC (World Treehouse Conference) is scheduled for the first weekend of October again. A revival and expansion of the original WTC (World Treehouse Conference) and GTS (Global Treehouse Symposium) that began in 1997 at Out'n'About Treesort in Takilma, OR.

All About at Out'n'About:

The WTC (World Treehouse Conference, aka THC) is scheduled this year for Columbus Day weekend October 2014. The 9th thru the 12th (a pre-conf day on Thursday Oct. 9). This gathering is, once again, a spirited revival and expansion of the original WTA (World Treehouse Association) and GTS (Global Treehouse Symposium). It all began in 1997 at Out'n'About Treesort in Takilma, OR.
Takilma Treehouse
All About… at Out’n'About…

in Takilma (near Cave Junction), Oregon, USA


Hands on, minds on, the conference encourages sharing the knowledge it takes to; build the best treehouses; build the best ziplines & platforms. Come learn a new knot, a new twist, a new frontier!

Hey, just come, share what you know and trade your tips & techniques as you sit around a tree or find yourself up on a limb, either away from it all or in the thick of it… or just as an ornament… enjoying the view.

Michael Garnier (to some known as MichaeGL®) of Garnier Limb® notoriety, to others as the ‘treehouse masters master’. M-Gar and his high-flying family and crew again will be hosting a gathering of interested folks and aficionados who simply need to know more about trees and building structure in them in a safe and arboreally sound way.

The conference is just that, a rendezvous of activity and seminars on what trees are; the importance they have in our lives and to the planet; enjoying getting up into them; and thoughts and perspectives of ways to safely design and build treehouses, zip lines and zip line platforms within and up in the trees, in ways that the trees will naturally be able to adapt to.

The conference will focus on:

o   Trees, their biology and mechanics

o   Engineering principles

o   Hardware design and evolution

o   Treehouse design

o   Platform design

o   Zip line design

o   Rigging, hardware installation, testing and construction techniques

o   The phenomenon of TV Reality Show and the role it plays in building a treehouse

There will be workshops and seminars presented by professionals in arbor work, engineering, architecture, computer assisted design, rigging, climbing, machine/tool design, canopy work, canopy travel and the reality of TV.

There are openings for instructors and presenters for these and other other relevant topics. If a class is accepted the conference fee will be reduced. There is room for five to ten 90 minute workshop sessions on each day, Friday and Saturday, with 3 on Sunday or a trip to the redwoods, or a tall tree climb.

If you work in trees for activity and entertainment sake or have an interest in understanding more about minimal forest floor impact and tree friendly construction aloft, this will be a rich weekend. There will be many limbs to explore.

For the gearheads there will be exhibitors of tree and treehouse hardware, zip line and canopy tour gear. There will be hands on demonstrations of application and installation of many different styles of tree hardware. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves and be involved... and climb.

The venue is an adventure in and of itself. Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort is a genuinely unique and supremely innTREEguing place. Treehouses abound, always good food, good talk, with plenty of new people from far and wide (and aloft) to meet on the ground and up a tree.

If you're interested in treehouse accomodation, please book your space at the Treesort now, start your travel plans early at:

Or call: 541-592-2208

email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There will be treehouse and ride sharing from the Medford, OR airport for anyone interested.

Please feel free to write me back if you have an interest in being a presenter or have further thoughts, questions or observations.

Swing on in... fair winds, good climbing... see you aloft~
and most importantly, welcome to the bark side. .  .

—Jake Jacob, TreehouseARTZ
Conference Coödinator


By 21st Century standards, this is a real deal:

    (1.) The basic (core) conference fee; $350.00

    (2.) There will be a meal package of $200, or the Saturday banquet only; $60.

    The meal package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday (Saturday night is a banquet of some consequence) with Sunday brunch. All meals will have meat and vegetarian dishes. If special dietary needs are important to you please inform the Treesort staff when you book your lodgings.

    (3.) A lodgings fee depending on accomodation. I can tell you that camping is one often popular option at a rate of $10/person/night. (i.e. two people in one tent is $20/night for the occupants of the tent) Campers will have full bath house showering and clothes washing services available, hence the per person assessment. There are also cooking facilitrees for those who bring their own and clean up after themselves.

    In addition to the above another feature is that there will be a menu of pre-conference all day Thursday Oct. 4 workshops to consider, albeit for a separate fee.
All pre-confs will be a $125 charge, plus a lunch option fee TBA.

 Post conference workshops are possible, not yet determined.


Jake Jacob Treehouse ARTZ
email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Already sure you want to sign up? click HERE for registration form.
Complete then submit it, then call the Treesort office to arrange payment with credit card or otherwise, 9am to 5pm Pacific time:
Patience please, If no one can pick up when you call, all messages will be returned.

Update released Sept. 21, '14!~

Hello Treehouse Zealots, One & All -
If you're receiving this email it means that you have either written with interest to attend, or have are already registered to attend this year'sWorld Treehouse Conference 2014in Takilma, Oregon at the world renowned Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort outside Cave Junction near the California border.
I realize that the conference approaches rapidly and my apologies for such a late report. Gosh, we're all aloft and busy these days!
Many of you may not have decided if you wish to attend the one day Pre-Con (pre-conference). The menu for that day is small, but comprehensive:
Thursday Oct. 9, 2014involves the following selection of all day workshops:
Climb the tree of Technologic
with John Shulters of Ascension Studios out of Placerville, CA
The Technologic design process developed by Ascension Studios and Treehouse Nation covers the four critical stages of treehouse design using the LIVE workflow:
LOCATION - We'll visit a potential construction site and gather highly accurate digital site survey data, including a full-scale 3D digital model of the tree(s) and surrounding environment.
INSPECTION - Using terrestrial and aerial photography, we'll scope out views from our desired treehouse location, and quickly and efficiently examine our tree for problems and opportunities to be aware of during design and construction.
VISUALIZATION - We'll bring our site survey data back to the digital drawing board to take our design from initial massing to finished construction documents to photorealistic CG imagery.
EXPERIENCE - We return to the actual site of the treehouse with our digital design to see it in context and walk through a full scale representation of the plan to finalize our desires and expectations before we begin construction.
During this course, attendees will learn the following techniques and skills:
How to use any digital camera combined with freely available software to create a 3D digital model of a tree.
The necessary skills and equipment to capture aerial footage of a project site.
How to use free digital design software to create a treehouse plan based around a highly accurate site survey.
What it takes to leverage digital design data to produce stunning visualizations including renderings, interactive scenes, and physical models.
How to use augmented reality applications to view a digital design in context on a project site.
Jake says: 
John will amaze all comers with his remarkable talent and steady hand for addressing the design task in the trees and translate that into a incredibly accurate, presentable and easy to assimilate set of files that one can proceed through a serious project with. This is for all of you who have a little geek in you. You do not necessarily need to draw well, but a solid understanding of good design is helpful as you take this technical dance through the trees. For one good full day put down your ropes and hammers  and pick up your iPads and/or laptops along with your digital cameras and be guided through a fascinating tour of what can be done with those tools!!
This workshop is limited to 12 participants.
Tree Engineering: How they do it!…
Scott BakerRegistered Consulting Arborist #414; Board Certified Master Arborist #PN0670B; Certified Tree Risk Assessor #145; Principal Consultant with Tree Solutions, Inc. in Seattle, WA
Jake’s words: 
Scott has generously contributed to the WTC gatherings with knowledge packed presentations on tree biology, ecology and tree bio-mechanics for tree structure builders since 1998. If you're truly interested in being a responsible treehouse or tree supported structure builder it is absolutely essential that you start in the right place. Scott will help you to expand your understanding of how trees grow and support themselves. I think it has clearly been established that structures in trees are sustainable… but NOT in the wrong tree and not with poor arboricultural knowledge that result in poor building practices. If the building approach and effort is not thoughtful, knowledgeable and plain ol' tree friendly you've scurried down the wrong branch. If you're new to this whole game then this is where you want to start if you want to learn more Scott will accommodate you too!……

Scott’s words:
I will spend the day talking and looking at examples that help explain how the biology of a tree relates to the trees ability to engineer itself. If you want to build things in tree that will last a while understanding how trees stand up is essential.

I ask all participants to bring some photos of… trees that they have worked in, trees they would like to work in, projects you have built, issues problems etc. Bring 5-10 pictures on a drive or email them or Dropbox to me in advance  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you wish to do up your photo as a power point slide that would be great.

Tree Engineering: How they do it!

Morning: Classroom – Review or learn the basics of tree biology and bio-mechanics.

Outside- Look at examples of tree anatomy at Out n About. Learn more about Visual Tree Assessment (VTA)

Afternoon: Classroom- discussion of participant pictures and experiences.

Outside- More hands on VTA with Out’n’About examples.

All That You Never Knew You Needed to Know... About Tree Rigging
Jake Jacob, Ian Weedman & Mike Reynolds…tree climbers, riggers, builders, friends.
An all day workshop on rigging, tips, techniques, tools, equipment and systems. Low impact tree entry; how to get aloft gently and securely. Once in the branches how to ascertain the best use of this mighty handy assistant and essential player called a tree (maybe several of them) in your treehouse building effort. Ropes, knots, pulleys, anchor points, loads, redirects, mechanical advantage (and disadvantage)… some tricks of the trade (do you know what a Handy Billy is?). You really don't need a crane or a forklift (that's way to much impact at the tree's base anyway). A different approach. We will do our best to demonstrate less expensive ways of hosting things aloft, and certainly can show you the bell'n'whistles tools as well. All day may prove to not be enough time!!
This workshop is limited to 14 participants. Some tree climbing may be involved
An All Day Tall Tree Climb… facilitated by Ryan Cafferky…

This all day experience is meant to be just that, an experience. For those of you who would just like to have a little fun and climb a tall tree under the expert guidance and watchful eye of a very nimble treeman, Ryan Cafferky. No previous tree climbing on ropes experience is necessary, but bring your sense of being intrepid and good shoes and long sleeved garments.

This workshop is open to 2 (or 4) participants.
Now on to Full Conference Content: Friday, Saturday & Sunday…
This year's keynote speaker is Don Perry (Dr. Donald Perry)… 
For over three decades Don Perry has developed new methods for exploring and understanding the complex biological communities found in the tops of tropical trees. He was the first to use zip lines to study the rain forest canopy. This work appeared on the covers of Scientific American, Smithsonian and the New York Sunday Times magazines. It was featured in Newsweek, Life, Geo, Paris Match, Quick of Germany, as well as numerous publications and documentaries worldwide.
The feature film Medicine Man was based upon his book Life Above the Jungle Floor
Don is also the inventor of the Ecotram… The Ecotram is an exciting and delightful carriage device that will dangle at the WTC site. Don will tell us about it and, perhaps, allow us to demonstrate.
Equipment gurus will be there. Niceguydave (Dave Stice) from WesSpur Tree Equipment, Inc. out of Bellingham WA with his dog Whiskey will be making their third appearance at the WTC. Dave will have a decent selection of simple and tricky goods across the board for all of you to purchase or simply drool over. New Tribe, designers and purveyors of fine tree climbing gear, from nearby Grants Pass, OR will be showing off their newest and latest saddles and other stuff.

MichaeGL Garnierwill be explaining, demonstrating the installation of and load testing the Garnier Limb® (GL) several times throughout the days of the conference. The GL as a base perching/attachment mechanism that can be used in a multitude of ways and is the core of tree structure support systems.
Architect Richard Berg will describe the process of designing his second treehouse (the first one was made out of sticks and boards nailed to a big laurel tree), in which he endeavored to create a treehouse design that would lay the groundwork for a very large piece of functional artwork. In the process, he has been learning how to provide enough information on the plans so that the treehouse fulfills the vision (and gets a building permit) while allowing the talented treehouse builders, engineer and materials provider latitude to create a much more amazing piece of art than can be shown in the drawings.

Bill Nabil Taha, Ph.D., P.E., Structural Engineer…
How to support your dream treehouse on a living tree? Let us keep the fun and make it a safe connection…
Note from Jake: Bill aka, “Here’s My Bill Nabil”, will truly inform and entertain you as he coordinates the processes of attaching and establishing and distributing and calculating loads in that vertical cantilever we mere mortals call a “tree”. Have your smart phones set to record his sing-song entertaining voice tell seriously educational things.
John Shulters of Ascension Studios…
Technologic Crash Course (90 minute version)…
This crash course will take a quick look into the Technologic toolkit to see how Ascension Studios and Treehouse Nation collaborate on the four main stages of treehouse design. There will be a practical demonstration of photogrammetry techniques to create a 3D digital scan of a tree, a walk-through of the basic techniques used in free CAD design software to produce accurate treehouse plans, a glimpse into some professional visualization techniques that provide beautiful photorealistic views of a design, interactive 3D experiences, and scale physical models, and hands-on experience with augmented reality applications to view digital designs in context. Attendees will witness the most cutting edge technology applied to treehouse design providing more accurate, paperless, and highly compelling design experiences to help both designers and clients.

Treehouse Futures… This past year two fascinating treehouse carpenters embarked upon a month long bicycle tour down the upper west coast with the main goal of visiting as many treehouses and treehouse builders as possible… 
Lela Hull and Bemya adventure bARBORoja (no kidding thats his name)… will talk about that experience in the context of investing into  Treehouse Futures… Lela says, “Treehouses are exploding in popularity right now... but for how long? How might we guide this increased interest to create sustainable culture for the long-term benefit of the forests, the planet, and thus, us?”

Michael ‘Barefoot’ Murph and David Geisen… The Treehouse Building Experience. 
From meeting the client to sharing ideas and realizing a dream, David and Michael will talk about building relationships, dealing with budgets, sourcing materials and advertising your business. Also… a few tips on how to work in the trees without any shoes (or socks)…

Realitree TV… Oh boy here goes…
Reality TV Informs New Treehouse Building Model. 
We all know that Reality TV Shows document unscripted situations and actual occurrences, right?  
Charlee McClellan and Daryl McDonald… will prove otherwise in this discussion of their Reality TV experience and how it has changed the Nelson Treehouse & Supply treehouse building model.  Get a behind the scenes look at Reality TV from free lunches to acting agents. 
Hear how the filming constraints created a system of precision and prefabrication from the ground up.   
Discover the evolution, successes and failures of building for TV.  
When the show signs off, how will the experience and systems inform the next treehouse building model?  

Charlee McClellan will do an open demonstration on the ever popular and almost ubiquitous  SketchUp application as it relates and greatly assists in treehouse building. 

Surprise guests in design talks…

Bubba Smith… Tool Reviews, Tips & Tricks. 
Jake’s words: Substance and significance all in a subtle package.
Bubba’s words:
I would like to share a bunch of quick little tips and tricks that I have enjoyed discovering in my 26 years as a carpenter which includes 12 years of professional treehousin'.  Quick demonstrations may love of star drive screws, texturing and finishing old and new wood, faux finishing rusty steel plywood, wooden scaffold building, making a straight-line saw sled, story boarding, dealing with curves, dividing negative space, quick mixing concrete and sculpting trees from concrete.  Let's all show, tell and play with our favorite tools, products and suppliers, including, fein multi-master, makita sander polisher, trend airshield dust helmet, drills, circular saws, bose ear buds, table saws, truck set ups, ladders, protractors, hewing planers, brush planers, grinders, saw blades, slot cutters, tool vests, ratchet straps, ram board, velcro, ice and water shield, star drive screws, timberlocks, penofin verde, glues, rusty metal, Pandora radio, Tacoma screw, Pacific Industrial, Amazon, and Screw-Products. 

Erik Marter on the challenge course, aerial tours and Adventure Park industry. 

Mike Reynolds and Jason Lindsey on zip line course design.

MichaeGL Garnier, Jake Jacob and Cassidy Goodrich on strategizing the design of point load foundations in trees and overall platform design.

MichaeGL will also talk (endlessly) on his unique approach to Bracketree.

Braeden Rockliffe from Victoria, BC will bring us the Monkey Bubble Housea portable, fully livable treehouse that is built without screws or nails. It can be taken apart in the blink of an eye and fits into the back of a small truck.

Pre-Con’rs Scott Baker, Jake Jacob, Ian Weedman, Mike Reynolds as well as Jason Lindsey will present variously on rigging, zip line design and bridge building.

Throughout the course of the Conference there will be facilitated climbs (with ropes in trees) as coordinated by Ryan Cafferky, Jason Lindsey and Austin DeRock. Other friends who may help get high in trees and demonstrate a myriad of technical climbing procedures are Scott Baker, Jake Jacob, Ian Weedman, Mike Reynolds and Ken Huck.
And all of this at Out'n'About Treesort an amazing place for the whole family. Treehouses to stay in, zip lines to ride, trees to climb, a super giant tree swing to swing on, good food to eat, horses to ride and friends to meet. 
Treehousing is gaining in popularity and interest all over the world. If you have a hankering to get aloft and build something that celebrates your creativity (and, yup, brings out your inner child) and you would like to do it right, this is a great place to initiate that ambition.
Fair winds aloft~
---Jake Jacob
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
iPhone… 206/799-7678


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Many additional activitrees are available at various prices whether you stay with us or not, some with no fees.

Horseback Rides are $50 per person an hour (last minute ride cancellations subject to full fee per person).
River Rafting by referral only, please request this activity as far in advance of your visit as possible.
Ziplines are our most popular treesort participation activitree most readily available:
A package price for multiple giant swings and assorted zip rides is happening if that's what you want to do, so please talk to us...

There are MANY free activitrees you can enjoy here including swimming in our fresh water river fed rock lined pool (reserved for our treeserved guests), with plenty of hiking and biking. Plus there is the inevitable asking questions about things for which Michael is almost always available (but getting the answers you are looking for may be another question <wink>).

Most Extree classes, especially crafts, involve a small fee for the instructor and cost of materials if any are not included.