Ultimate TreeHouse Project

Building the Worlds Largest Treehouse!

Michael (owner/builder here at Treesort) was invited to consult on a treehouse project for Discovery Channel's new pilot reality show first airing April 26, 2004. It was to be a suprise for the recipient, Ken, and they had just three and a half days to complete it. Needless to say it was a challenge for all involved, even without the New Jersey nor-easter snow storm that hit! (December '03) Finished project shown at right, building plans available~

As the story goes, when our very own master treehouse designer and builder was contacted for help on this reality show project titled "Ultimate Treehouse", and finally saw what they planned, he recommended calling it "Ken's Ultimate Treehouse", because what they proposed was not an 'ultimate treehouse' at ALL in Michael's more than qualified opinion and experience.

It may still be the 'ultimate treehouse' for Ken who it was built for of course, but not for our Michael. Who was in the process of developing plans for an ultimate treehouse for his very own family home at the time- just as the Treesort was hungrily eating up their old one...
Which has happily allowed them the resources to build this new one for themselves.


Ken's Ultimate Treehouse Discovery Channel Project

Watch this from our friend kirstendirksen of www.faircompanies.com, find on youtube here~

Preview soon!
DVD of all our Treehouse Treesort videos available NOW~
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"An interesting video chronicle over a year of the building of Michael & Peggy's new house. Michael Garnier created the Out N About Treesort in Takilma Oregon, one of the most unique Bed and Breakfast's in the world. I was lucky enough to spend my birthday there and meet Michael. He mentioned to me that he was just starting to build his dream home, the worlds largest treehouse, and asked if I would like to film it. For the next year I spent my time "on call" to travel back to the treesort to get footage of the progress. As you will see, this is a building project like no other."
DVD available from the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please join us below for a walk around the exterior of Mike's Ultimate, we'll have pics of the finished interior eventually (if Michael & Peggy agree).