TreeHouse Zip Platforms

 Tree House Construction (THC) Presents:
The 10' Garnier Zip Perch!

Rated for 10 occupants all at once makes an excellent zipline platform or simple hang out. This pic was taken in a fitting process close to the ground, final installation can be anywhere up the tree, click images to enlarge. Zipline Platform packages and prices available on our Parts & Plans Link in the Construction Menu.

In Tree (3) basic models;
3. 1 support by 4 GL's. 2 GL's at platform base, 2 GL's for 4 knee braces
3. 2 support by 4 GL's. 2 GL's at platform base, 2 GL's above for 4 cables
3. 3 non penetrating, 4 compression points at platform base, two slings above for 4 cables
zip perch C

zip perchA zip perrch B
Please see our Parts & Plans page for price and ordering info: Garnier Limb Parts & Plans

Tree House Construction (THC) Presents the Portable Zip Perch and Hunting Stand!
It is 3/8ths of an 8' octagon platform, comes in two pieces for easy transport.
Attaches to tree trunk with 2 ratchet straps included, nothing else required.
Makes an excellent roomy (and most sturdy) hunting stand, or use two (2) together to make an awesome Zip Perch no tools necessary!

hunting stand 1

portable zip/hunting stand
click pics for better views

zip perch hunting stand naked

 Floating Platform 

This platform is attached to three trees using a T-bracket and two GL's coupled with a Floating bracket.

 Four tree Floating Platform 

When you have four trees, this is a simple, good method to use  Each beam is hung from two GL/Floating brackets. It is a good idea to leave the beams and joists long until you have figured out the floor/decking  plan entirely. Nuts with washers can be added to the GL's to control walkoff.

 Double Decker 

This is a double deck with four GL's supporting each level. Built in China using local labor and materials in 1999.

High Rise

Here we are doing, on the ground what we will be doing in a single tree.  In the 20" + tree this  platform  is going in, the GL's have to be staggered in height to keep from weakening and girdling the tree. Some being above a particular beam and the others being below in the traditional method of attachment. Also Care has to be taken to be sure the GL's are level or slightly downcast to promote drainage.  However many GL's are used one must be sure to divide the angles evenly around the circumference of the tree. 

 GL Performance, Bridging 

Theese GL's are rated  4,000 lbs. at 2" out from where they contact the tree.  Here the platform goes out 6 feet and the GL extensions are attached with cable to 2 more GL's higher up in the tree.  A person standing out at 6 feet can make the GL fail if it is not guyed up. The bottom two strands of cable that hold the bridge planking are connected to 2 of the GL's that are supporting the platform, right next to the tree. For bridges up to 30 feet this is all the support needed. This bridge is 90 feet and is suspended from two catenaries . This undertaking is not advised without the help of an engineer.

 Testing, what will it hold? 

This platform was built in Florida and we were able to get a building permit. It is 300 sq. ft.  I have 30,000 lbs of water in the barrels. When you build something like this you have to figure, how many people could get on the floor and a bounce factor has to be added as well. Here again, Engineered plans are a must for safety reasons.

Here's a platform we finished in McMinnville, OR. Built in a giant Black Walnut, we used the artificial limb (GL) with the five foot extensions.