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We believe we have the best quality bolt and bracket systems for the price anywhere to be found, but know you can find that out for yourself by experience.
A simple search for treehouse attachment bolts other than Garnier Limb® returns some interesting results, the best are presented here to save you some time.
Though not all may directly provide artificial tree limbs themselves, these are some serious resources we think you can trust:

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TreetopBuilders.net               TreehouseSupplies.com

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For an excellent 2008 article on GL installation by John Carberry: click here

Not devoted to treehouses in particular, but a great resource for alternative and sustainable builders of all kinds:
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Precision Structural Engineering Inc.

How To Build Wood Treehouses
Although we don't agree with some of the practices endorsed by some sources on the page brought to you by Wood-Furnaces.net (recommended by our new friend Taylor Alexander), it is a great resource for interested treehouse builders!