TreeHouse Consulting/Contracting

If you want more help in changing your fantasy into a reality?

This is how Michael can help.

Michael has allocated a fair amount of time and resources to these treehouse construction pages. We hope people will find them useful and be able to build the treehouse of there dreams. We also realize some of you have unanswered question or are not quite sure of what you are about to do.

The reality of the situation is that Michael or his staff can not answer all the calls and e-mails that we get on this subject without some compensation. Since we do not have a 1-900 phone #. This is what Michael proposes.

Michael works on a sliding scale. This depends on the complexity of the situation. There is a big difference in consulting, designing and/or building a treehouse for someone of limited means but a great desire and the richest man in the world. Michael has done both.

In the construction industry there is a saying:
I will build you this playhouse for a $1,000.
If you want to watch, it will cost you $1,500.
If you want to help, it will cost you $2,000. michael would add…
If you want to direct, it will cost you $3,000.


Michael's Fees:

Michael can work with you to pick out the right tree or trees. Then help you design a treehouse to best fit in the tree or trees. Draw up a simple set of plans, with cost estimates included.

 Starting at $120 Michael should be able to do this for you. He will give you a minimum of three hours of work.
 He works for $40-$120/hr out of his home. We can then work out what construction work you want him to do if any.
 For on-site consultation or construction the charge is $50-$150/hr plus expenses.


The first step Michael will need you to do is to draw a layout of the trees, so he can begin designing the treehouse. Since all trees are different make sure your measurements are as precise as you can get, and you include the type(s) of tree you want to build in.


To figure out how to get the layout done go to the Treehouse Layout link from the Construction Menu.


Once you have your layout drawn, please send a picture of the trees,
and the layout design to
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.