World Treehouse Conference Columbus Day Weekend 2018 - October 5th, 6th and 7th with a pre-conference day on the 4th.

Video tutorials from 2014 our conference available: part 1, part 2 and part 3

The World Treehouse Conference(WTC) for 2018 is scheduled for the first weekend in October, the 5th, 6th and 7th with a pre-conference day held on the 4th.  This gathering is, once again, a spirited revival and expansion of the World Treehouse Association(WTA) and the Global Treehouse Symposium(GTS), which all began in 1997 at the Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort in Takilma, OR.


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Hello One ‘n’ All coming to Out ‘n’ About Treesort for the 22nd annual World Treehouse Conference.

The basics… we always cover the basics… and the basics are…

Everything that you need to know about trees as an organism… well maybe not everything (not in one weekend), but a decent arboreal introduction to a lot of pertinent things you need to know about trees if you truly wish to climb up into them and build structures aloft.

Design approaches and techniques… the world is digital now… many of us still sketch a design on paper and then go to work… but we’re in the 21ˢᵗ century now and techniques such as photogrametry, which utilize pretty affordable gear can help us get the tree or trees volumetrically (3D) into a computer… SketchUp and even paper come into play… and off you go.

Engineering vitals… the mechanical aspects of trees… all kinds of opportunities to see and experience the kinds of hardware that have evolved in the past 20 years that carry the load, yet work in concert with how trees repair themselves and remain vital (if you do it right)…

Here is a lineup of confirmed presenters for this year’s conference. More information will be posted as it comes available.

  • Michael Garnier(MG) – creator, owner and operator of Out ‘n’ About Treehouse Treesort will be here for the entirety of the conference. He will be doing a presentation on his unique approach to Bracketree. For the pre-conference day there is talk of a half day ‘field trip’ to his new property to view the progress of the building project currently taking place and a possible on-site evaluation to help select the next tree to be built in.
  • Jake Jacob – of TreehouseArtz – Jake, longtime friend and cohort of MG (also an instrumental organizer and contributor to the conference) will be here to show off his expertise in rigging and a knot tying demonstration, as he like to point out, he knows knotting.
  • Scott Baker – Principal and founder of Tree Solutions Inc. will also be in attendance. He has worked with MG for years evaluating his builds and the health of the trees at the Treesort. Scott will be presenting at the conference sharing his extensive knowledge in tree biology, building codes, treehouses, ziplines, and knowing Scott much, much more!
  • Michael Shulters and John Shulters – John, president and owner of Ascension Studios, and his father Michael Shulters of Treehouse Nation will give a ‘crash’ course into the Technologic toolkit to see how Ascension Studios and Treehouse Nation collaborate on treehouse design. and
  • Michael Murphy aka Barefoot Murph – Owner and operator of Barefoot Treehouses will give a speech titled “Touching wood, breathing trees: treehousing as a life path.’ Murph will share reflections on what we do as treehouse builders, practices and stories that may help you renew your relationship with the trees, your materials and your clients.
  • Dave Stice and Graham Dawson - from WesSpur Tree Equipment will be there as an exhibition ‘gear-for-sale’ booth, and Dave will be doing a presentation on the basics of aerial rescue & rigging for safety for treehouse builders.
  • Sarah Jay Knauss – Creator of Dream Nets Northwest and long-time artist will be attendance showing off her amazing craft while creating a swing to be added to Out ‘n’ About’s unique offerings. Sarah is a true craftsman, designing ‘site specific, tensile tree platforms’ watch her in action and learn a new craft!


If you're interested in treehouse accomodation, please book your space at the Treesort now, start your travel plans early at:

Or call: 541-592-2208
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There will be treehouse and ride sharing from the Medford, OR airport for anyone interested.

Please feel free to write me back if you have an interest in being a presenter or have further thoughts, questions or observations.

Swing on in... fair winds, good climbing... see you aloft~
and most importantly, welcome to the bark side. .  .


By 21st Century standards, this is a real deal:

    (1.) The basic (core) conference fee; $400.00

    (2.) There will be a meal package of $200, or the Saturday banquet only; $60.

    The meal package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday (Saturday night is a banquet of some consequence) with Sunday brunch. All meals will have meat and vegetarian dishes. If special dietary needs are important to you please inform the Treesort staff when you book your lodgings.

    (3.) Lodging fees depend on accommodations.  Camping is often a very popular option and runs at $20 per person, per night. (i.e. two people in one tent is $40/night for the occupants of the tent). Campers will have full access to breakfast, full bathrooms and outdoor cooking facilities (i.e. BBQ's, propane burners and very limited cooking utensils) but are required to clean up after themselves.

    In addition to the above another feature is that there will be a menu of pre-conference all day Thursday Oct. 4 workshops to consider, albeit for a separate fee.
All pre-confs will be a $125 charge, plus a lunch option fee TBA.

 Post conference workshops are possible, not yet determined.


Jake Jacob Treehouse ARTZ
email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

**Check back soon for Itinerary updates and changes.**

Last year's conference

Update released Sept. 17, '15!~
Hello Treehouse Zealots, One & All -
If you're receiving this email it means that you have either written with interest to attend, or have are already registered to attend this year'sWorld Treehouse Conference 2015 in Takilma, Oregon at the world renowned Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort outside Cave Junction near the California border.
I realize that the conference approaches rapidly and my apologies for such a late report. Gosh, we're all aloft and busy these days!
Many of you may not have decided if you wish to attend the one day Pre-Con (pre-conference). The menu for that day is small, but comprehensive:
This year's keynote speaker is Ben Brungraber, Ph.D., P.E.… Doctor of Philosophy in Timber Frame Engineering.
Ben is a co-founder of Fire Tower Engineered Timber based in Providence, Rhode Island.  Ben is a timber frame visionary with more than forty years experience in the field, including trend-setting research on mortise and tenon joinery. Ben is a long time friend, confidant, advisor and occasional savior in treehouse engineering dilemmas that no one else will take on to Jake Jacob, usually arriving on the scene in a ragtop (aka, convertible) car. 
Ben will also facilitate an all day workshop on Thursday, October 1. He will provide what insight he can on the challenges that the vertical cantilever (quite often referred to as a tree) can pose to those of us interested in designing and installing structures aloft.
In Ben’s words…
1.       Tolerance for uncertainties - when public safety is at stake, what CAN an engineer be reasonably expected to tolerate? To some extent, our job is to impose some order on chaos - with "job," "impose," "some," "order,"  and "chaos" all being terms subject to discussion and interpretation.
2.       A key to life: the graceful execution of Plan B.  Structural redundancy is a time-honored scheme for helping engineers to sleep.  Having a way to reinforce a structure is another.
3.       The power of clear disclaimers.  “While this structure can reasonably be expected to resist imposed gravity loads and wind loading, this clearly is not intended as a refuge in high winds.
Heiland Hoff, architect from Heiland Hoff Architecture will present on the challenges of getting a treehouse permitted.

Also, important to the engineers and architects who want to help us build treehouses there will be a live human stress test on TreeloonSerendipitree or Pleasentree if there are enough participants and willingness.

A fix on 25 year old Peacock Perch.     peacockperchnight

Equipment gurus will be there. Niceguydave (Dave Stice) from WesSpur Tree Equipment, Inc. out of Bellingham WA with his dog Whiskey will be making their fourth appearance at the WTC. Dave will have a store on wheels with a decent selection of simple and tricky goods across the board for all of you to purchase or simply drool over. 
Dave, along with Tim Kovar of Tree Climbing Planet and Dustin Fleming of Tree Houses Canada will lead an all day workshop on Aerial Rescue (AR) focusing on what sorts of incidences and typical injuries and rescue scenarios might be anticipated for a treehouse worker vs. what an arborist or a recreational tree climber might encounter? 
In DaveTim and Dustin there would be an industry AR expert, a recreational tree climbing guru and a practicing tree worker who has his hand in treehouse work… this strikes me a good combo to put an interesting, informative “module” together.
In Dave Stice’s words…
The purpose of this course is to allow the rigging crew and carpentry crew to be able to facilitate patient assessment and treatment as well as rescue where warranted of an injured crew member from the canopy and/or platform. Students will learn primary assessment skills, trauma care, stabilization/packaging, rigging/pickoff systems, and working with Fire service/EMS staff.
This course is set up as a 6-7 hour class. Students will get hands on in the crew based pick off systems, as well as primary care.
The Ryan&Ryan show.
Ryan Cafferky and Ryan Murphy both working, agile climbing arborists (and tree climbing competitors) will guide their attendees through climbing systems. Basic DDRT, yes… but primarily more focus on SRT and RADS and then touch on work positioning using a lanyard etc. 
And, if time allows, certain devices could be demonstrated such as the Unicender, the HitchHiker, the SAKA (or HASS) knee ascenders, the Rope Wrench, the Rope Walker. 
Ian Weedman and Seanix Zenobia will talk about and demonstrate different lifting systems and methods of moving materials into trees. And, more importantly about rigging safety in the trees. Emphasis on safety: vectors, loading zones, know/calculate-your-load issues, equipment limits, points about equipment abuse, when to retire gear, etcetera, etcetera…
Haley Galbraith, Casey Clapp and Chris Madison from Tree Solutions, Inc. will fill in for Scott Baker this year. In fact, they may be more refreshing and entertaining (well, it’s hard to beat Scott’s style of entertaining??). They will present an all day workshop on tree biology and tree bio-mechanics and much much more on tree engineering. If you’re new to treehousing… this is the best place to start.
Daryl McDonald and MichaeGL Garnier will be pulling off the Knee Brace Seminar…
Observe, explore, comment and expand upon various approaches to establish the "dynamic triangle" with upward suspenders or downward adjustable “top link” or SD style brackets. A careful inspection of what's out there these days and how these systems might be approached and improved in the future… including a thoughtful eye on anticipating retrofitting as the tree expands in girth. Daryl McDonald from NTS (Nelson Treehouse & Supply) and MichaeGL from the rest of the world… will be demonstrating and defending two (subtly) different all-important, vital support design ideas.
Mike Shulters of Ascension Studios…
SketchUp Crash Course on 3D models (90 minute version)
This crash “course” will take a quick look into the Technologic toolkit to see how Ascension Studios and Treehouse Nation collaborate on treehouse design. There will be a demonstration of photogrammetry techniques to create a 3D digital scan of a tree, a walk-through of the basic techniques used in free CAD design software to produce accurate treehouse plans.
Pete Nelson on designing the old fashioned way (before there was TV even!!) with pencil and paper and astute, keen observation skills  coupled with a solid knowledge of framework and spacial limits. This guy is very gifted (and left handed) in this arena!!  
Mike Reynolds and Jason Lindsey on bridge and zip line design and installation.
Alex Meyer on treehouse project management… 
Don’t let the planning and organization of your treehouse project intimidate you!  
Just as the trees guide the treehouse design, allow your project constraints (time, budget, resources, design, environment, location) to help you create an effective plan with an organic flexibility that will make for an organized and successful build. 
MichaeGL will also talk (endlessly here’n'there) on his unique approach to Bracketree.
Jake Jacob will mess around demonstrating and pointing out… I Know Knotting… the knot as a valuable tool. (Maybe, if you can get him to sit still long enough!!)
And all of this at Out'n'About Treesort an amazing place for the whole family. Treehouses to stay in, zip lines to ride, trees to climb, a super giant tree swing to swing on, good food to eat, horses to ride and friends to meet. 
Treehousing is gaining in popularity and interest all over the world. If you have a hankering to get aloft and build something that celebrates your creativity (and, yup, brings out your inner child) and you would like to do it right, this is a great place to initiate that ambition.
Fair winds aloft~
---Jake Jacob
Jake Jacob
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
iPhone… 206/799-7678


World Treehouse Conference Columbus Day Weekend 2018 – October 5th, 6th and 7th with a pre-conference day on the 4th.