Picture Propeller as Yard Art

Custom tripod set up $200
(basic triple 2" x 4" fir stand with no bearings in propeller)

yard art 2
Standard tripod setup $300
(shown on commercial tripod with swivel and bearings)

Available in price range from $200 to $300 depending on 3 basic configurations with internal bearings & stands.
Custom stands available, have a deck or rail to mount on?... Call for quotes!
Propeller made mainly from redwood old growth (recycled boards), but may also contain parts from local cedar, oak and fir.
With the free turning bearing in the handle they can be self propelled windmills, a hands free Fantasy Flake generator.
deckmount  deckmount demo

Call Michael to configure & order yours today!


backside view  Zipshed yard view
Kaleidoscope Shop demo

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