Guest Book stays down!


So Sorry!
We've found that it's not such a good idea anymore folks, too many people were leaving personal contact info, so if ya need to, blame the loss on the exploiters of personal info available on the web!
Of course now of days you can find us on Facebook!
but if you simply have a comment or question you actually want us Treehouse Fairies to read or respond to, please send it directly to the Treesort Office by clicking here (if your browser supports that function ).
Or just send an email to:
office at
(using the @ symbol, no spaces) to 'bark' at us....
Feel free to send us all comments, suggestions and any questions, anytime!
We value your input immensely and seek to make these pages as fun, useful and functional as possible.
With your input we can better do so-
Thanks and have a treemendous time!

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